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We Are Aurora

Aurora is a full education company, which believes deeply in the power of changing the world through the integration of technology and education, both pillars are engine and development manager.

Our philosophy and experience motivates us to become E-learning specialists and create the first digital school that focuses on the formation and training of people with informal jobs such as messengers, security guards, domestic workers, barbers, drivers, among others. We transfer formal education to informal contexts, by understanding the complexity of each environment.

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How Aurora generates impact?

Aurora was created to take on the different challenges involved in the lack of access to learning systems and the difficulty of information consumption in some environments, understanding variables and creating solutions to overcome these barriers.
Our technology and methodology adapts to the user and the way they learn, allowing us to adapt quickly to different contexts with different levels of complexity.

Understand how an empirical job is created and which are the learning processes in informal contexts.

Give voice to the student, giving him/her a participating posture, where the student is receiver and creator of knowledge at the same time.

Position e-learning as a formal alternative to a medium saturated with false or unverified information found in YouTube, blogs or the internet in general.

We develop smart certificates, which measure when people learn and are failing to learn. In this way the courses are updated constantly by increasing their content value and amount of lessons in some cases.

We work alongside Pacífico Task Force

We take education to the most vulnerable areas of Colombia, because we believe that technology is a fundamental factor to improve one of the most vulnerable areas of our country

Our first courses

Care and protection practices for messengers
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Gastronomic Tourism
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Digital empowerment for single mothers-heads of households
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Referents in education, health, mobility and tourism.

We seek day by day to strengthen our network composed of the best allies to help us generate a bigger and more significant impact.

Our team

We are a team that firmly believes in education as an engine of social change

We put our skills into practice as designers, developers, psychologists, anthropologists, marketers and more.

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